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Science And Technology Some Cases in Islam Perspective

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Science And Technology Some Cases in Islam Perspective

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Science And Technology Some Cases in Islam Perspective
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Detail Produk Science And Technology Some Cases in Islam Perspective

Pengarang : IR. H.M. SUBANDI, M.P., DR., D
Tahun : Cet ke-1, Maret 2011
Dimensi : 16 X 24 cm, 100 hlm, HVS-70 gr, AC-210 gr, H.P.
ISBN : 978-979-692-040-2

Sinopsis :

The contents of the Quran are more concerned with people’s worldly affairs. So that, Islam is looked upon as a realistic and natural religion. It teaches social behaviour, religious obligations and prohibitions, facts of biology, history, astronomy, cosmology, medicine are found in abundance in the Quran.

The Quran stresses scientific investigation by urging people to find out the secrets of the creation by themselves. As time goes on and human culture develops, scientific theories as the product of human intelligence have changed from time to time, but scientific information in divine revelation that may appear at that time to be unreasonable, prove to be right in this time and in the long run.

The stupidity in view of scientific or blunder in our ancestors as the result of unable to interpret scientific verses accordingly. Technological development as the outcome of scientific finding in Islamic world has been backward and stagnant compared to the scientific and technological development in the western world. Natural phenomena of physical material and the life of organisms in our surrounding are the facts to be studied. When we understand the phenomena and master how to deal with them, then we are able to manage them for the sake of our prosperity.

Water has dual functions, it is an element of nutrient and it is a solvent that solves other nutrients facilitating the vegetation to absorb nutrients for its metabolism. Growth curve of crop begun with the germination of seeds. Dormant seed may germinate when water penetrates the skin and then influences the state of seed hormon. Other opinion is widespread that today trends of science has resulted in the disenchantment of the world. The enchantment of life is due to the presence of religion values.

Based on verses of the Quran, developing logical reason on natural phenomenon is a way for a person to get the truth by discovering the nature of Allah as reflected by His creation. Al-Quran talks about nature and creation being an expression of God’s attributes. Therefore, we can look inside the “Mind of Allah” so to speak by studying His creation.

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